Young Man Performs An Emotional Tribute in Global Got Talent

Young Man Performs An Emotional Tribute in Global Got Talent

Out of all the singing competitions we’ve seen on television, there are few that stand out. The young man who performs an emotional tribute for his brother in Global Got Talent is one of those that stands out.

These talent shows have taken over television around the world. We’ve seen so many new singers over the years. Unfortunately, most of them don’t get a big break.

Young Man performs an emotional tribute to his brother
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However, there are some auditions who got a well-deserved fifteen minutes of fame.

One of them is a young man who appeared on ‘Got Talent Global’ last year and will certainly stick in our minds. It is one of the most emotional auditions ever.

The young man is Fletcher Pilon who appeared on the show and sang an original song called “Infinite Child.”

Pilon explained before his performance that his younger brother had died three months before his audition, and he wrote the song as a tribute to a boy who will never grow up.

He is a great singer, and the emotion behind the song immediately affected everyone in the room. The audience began to cry, and the judges, particularly Kelly Osbourne, were wiping away tears.

judge crying
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Prepare your tissues as you watch his whole performance. It’s so worth it.

This young man has great future ahead in the music industry. To write such a beautiful song and share it with the world is truly is a dream come true.


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