Young Company Owners Helps the Homeless

Young Company Owners Helps the Homeless

There were three brothers who are young entrepreneurs from Maryland that started a candle company. Their first intention for the business is to have money to buy new toys. However, they have done something better by donating $500 a month from their successful business to help the homeless.

Collin, 13, Ryan, 11, and Austin, 8, Gill founded “Frères Branchiaux,” (French for Gill Brothers) after their mom told them they could either get a job or start a business if they wanted to have more video games and Nerf guns.

“They surprised me when they started a business and they started selling at their baseball and football games and they’ve moved on to a vending truck,” Celena Gill told Good Morning America.

The brothers have been making the candles in their Indian Head home for the last two years and their business is a hit.

They already have 36 stores selling the boys’ products and a deal with Macy’s is in the works.

They sell nearly 400 candles a month, priced from $18 to $36, along with other products like diffuser oils, room sprays, soap, bath bombs, and salts.

Ryan is considered as the “scent-ologist” of the group and helps create the scents, like Lavender Crush, Lime Cotton, and Whiskey Sweet.

The Heart of the Young Owners

Aside from being able to buy their own toys, the business also allowed the brothers to make an impact in their community.

“My brother Ryan has a big heart,” Collin said. “He likes to help homeless people out in D.C. So every time we would stop by and see a homeless person he would ask my mom to give them money.”

From the start, Frères Branchiaux has given 10 percent of its monthly proceeds to Washington, D.C. homeless shelters, including Pathways to Housing D.C.Friendship Place, and the Father McKenna Center.

Collin appreciates the feeling that the business has a greater purpose aside from making money.

“The community helps us, so we have to help back. Giving back helps you and the people you’re giving back to,” he said.

They’re hoping to take their charitable efforts one step further by working directly with homeless people.

“We have a big community and we also want to do job creation,” Celena said. “Right now we’re working with one of the organizations to hire some of their clients transitioning from homelessness.”

The brothers are now planning an expansion of the business and are saving up for a “candle truck” along with a facility to make the candles. 

The story of these young entrepreneurs is a proof that even when you are young, you can do something better and help other people.

We just want to commend the mother of the three brothers for raising her children that way.


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