World’s fastest SUPERCOMPUTER Fights Coronavirus

World’s fastest SUPERCOMPUTER Fights Coronavirus

World’s fastest SUPERCOMPUTER Fights Coronavirus
Photo: Popular Science

Japan’s Fugaku supercomputer became the world’s fastest computer last June 23, according to a report. It carries out 2.8 times more calculations per second than an IBM machine in the US.

The Japanese innovation broke the four-year record of the US machine called Summit, returning the crown to the Land of the Rising Sun for the first time after 11 years.

Fujitsu, Japan’s Riken scientific research center, developed the Fugaku supercomputer. All supercomputers run over 1000 times faster than a normal computer.

Its performance was at 415.53 petaflops, 2.8 times faster than second-place Summit’s 148.6 petaflops.

It gets the first spot in the Top500 ranks of the world’s most powerful non-distributed computer systems. It also topped HPCG and HPL-AI.

Fugaku means Mount Fuji in Japanese. Its operation will be in full swing starting April 2021, six years after its development.

World’s fastest SUPERCOMPUTER Fights Coronavirus
Photo: Daily Mail UK

Nonetheless, the computer is currently working to combat COVID-19 pandemic. The room sized Fugaku is currently in Kobe.

The supercomputer is running simulations on how droplets would spread on office spaces with partitions installed or packed trains with windows open.

Supercomputers are super-fast processing powers. Governments use these to simulate nuclear blasts to perform virtual weapons testing.

They are also for modeling climate systems and biotechnology research, according to an article.

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