World War III: Fears of It Might Happen at the Start of the New Decade

World War III: Fears of It Might Happen at the Start of the New Decade

Since the last World War had been ended 75 years ago, there are new rumors spreading across the world about the event might happen again.

world war
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If we look back, World War is a part of our history, almost every country is affected by that time.

It’s a dark past especially from our relatives and families who we’re there.

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So if there’s a hot topic about this, it’s kinda sensitive especially many lives and families will be affected.

There will be youngsters that will suffer and will be forced to join the army back then.

Now world leaders have fears that it may happen once again.

Not to make you feel uneasy however this is actually true.

But how does this issue happened?

The topic has been talked about when the US had done something.

Iran’s top General Qassem Soleimani had been assassinated when the US launched an airstrike at Baghdad’s international airport.

Now they had been pointing fingers at Mr. Donald Trump due to the attacks.

However, the United States government has claimed the responsibility for the attack.

And they admitted to having specifically targeted Soleimani, according to the US Department of Defense (DoD).

Now it looks like Iran doesn’t agreed without fighting back and wants to have revenge.

Is it really possible?

Well, do not panic because this was not confirmed yet.

However, experts said that there might be a possible retaliation among these two countries.


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