World War II Bomb Found in Central London

World War II Bomb Found in Central London

A World War II bomb discovered in Central London. Police evacuated the streets in Central London.

The bomb found near Soho’s Dean Street by construction workers and called the police at 1:42 pm local time, Monday. Metropolitan Police said in a statement.

World War II bomb found in Central London
via Time

World War II bomb, not the thing you might want to discover

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Thousands of workers were told to leave their building and police officers limit access to the area.

Umika Verma, a public relations officer said,

Police said to our receptionist that everyone has to get out.

We came out of the office and were told to move. No time limit at all was given — it was just ‘get out of the office’ immediately. Within five minutes we all had to go.

via Time

Soho is part of a lively British Capital that houses a number of businesses, restaurants, and bars.

For around two hours after the discovery of the bomb, police were telling people and workers at the neighborhood to leave and move away from the area. They also blocked off a number of streets not initially included in the cordoned-off zone.

An employee at Hammer House, on Wardour Street, told CNN: “I saw the cordoned-off area with the police, so I ran back upstairs and said we need to leave.”


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