Woman Takes Advantage of the Free Stuff on Amazon

Woman Takes Advantage of the Free Stuff on Amazon

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Everybody loves free stuff, won’t we? We always take the opportunity when they are available. However, we shouldn’t abuse it too much.

Unfortunately, that’s what a woman learned when she took advantage of the free carpet and cloth samples on Amazon. When the woman got her first sample, she became greedy and order another sample again.

With all the samples she got, the woman converts it into a cat rubbing place. But not every sample can be used, that’s why she opted to get more free carpets from Amazon.

Eventually, she abused the feature of the online shop and she was getting more than a few packages every single day. We’re pretty sure that the delivery man is getting tired of delivering to her home every day.

“I promise I didn’t notice that I requested so many samples. I also thought that they are just small, ” the woman wrote on her Imgur post.

The woman asked her boyfriend to help her unpacked the packages of the free stuff she had on her home. As her free sample began to stockpile, she decided to donate some of it to the local animal shelters.

Getting free samples is not bad if you don’t take advantage of it or abuse it. We just wonder why Amazon doesn’t recognize all her orders. Anyways, let this be a lesson to all.

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