Woman Calls 911 with Her TOES

Woman Calls 911 with Her TOES

A woman calls 911 with her toes when her hands crushed while changing tires at the side of the highway. Sunday night.

The 54-year-old woman, whom officials haven’t named, was traveling on the Interstate 95 in South Carolina when her tire got flat. This was according to Colleton Fire Rescue. The woman from Charlotte, North Carolina, pulled over in the breakdown lane along the highway.

Rescuers on scene
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Woman calls 911 with her toes and saved her life

The fire department said in a statement.

She removed the flat tire and was replacing it with the spare, when the jack slipped causing the car to fall, crushing both of her hands between the tire and the fender.

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She was trapped alone along the side of the highway dealing with such pain, the department said. Over the next 35 minutes, she was able to slip her toes and try making attempts, dialing 911.

When the rescuers arrive to set her free they encountered a problem.

Reads the statement.

They used a prybar without success and then deflated the tire to remove the air, however the car just dropped as the tire deflated.

Using the prybar, they were able to free one hand.

Another fire engine arrived and successfully freed the woman’s other hand by using a hydraulic spreader.

The woman suffered severe damage to both hands and all her fingers, the fire department said. She was transferred to a local hospital for treatment.


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