Windows 7 Finally Saying Goodbyes to All PCs After 10 Years

Windows 7 Finally Saying Goodbyes to All PCs After 10 Years

PC operating system is a very important part when it comes to having a good Operating System software, Windows is the answer.

And I believe that most of us own a personal computer that has a “Windows 7” operating system.

Sad to say, after 10 years the OS is cutting its ties to all PCs.

windows 7
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We all know Microsoft is responsible for creating Windows, the most known and most useful operating system worldwide.

Since they launched their first-ever OS back in 1985, called “1.0” the company has been massive.

And back in 2009, when the company launched “7” right after “Vista,” which became widely used by that time and a reliable OS.

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It has many features such as widgets on the home screen, can read various file types.

Well, you can say it was really a comfortable one out there.

On the other hand, Linux is the other software you can get, however it didn’t get much popularity and not so user-interface friendly back then.

But why are they ending the support?

Since it’s release, it has also many bugs and malware and ransomware exploits.

That’s why this OS is mostly used by modders, developers and hackers.

“Running an unpatched machine means that the flaws in the code will never be fixed and as exploits for those flaws become known and widespread, your chances of being successfully attacked grow very rapidly.”

said Rik Ferguson, vice-president of security research at Trend Micro.

So that’s why Microsoft encouraging everyone to use “10” as it is secure against malware and exploits even viruses and ransomware.

But we can’t deny the fact that 7 is good right? Those Golden eras when we get a 720p to 1080p quality of the video, we get games such as the Call of Duty titles, etc.

Internet cafes are popular at that time.

But not to worry, you can still get the OS if you still own a low-end PC. However not on the Microsoft official website but on other third party websites and it’s for free.

Well, we guess this is a farewell for the beloved OS.


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