Will Love Really Conquers Everything?

Will Love Really Conquers Everything?

As they say, “love is a strong word” as various emotions and actions can arise from it. Some also believe that love conquers all as when you love someone, you do anything and everything for the person.

love conquers everything

There are also sayings about love enduring everything and hopes all things. These sayings then lead to how powerful love can be. There are different types of love languages: time, affection, sacrifice, gifts, etc.

These various love languages are depending on the person’s personality and on how one expresses his/her love for another.

love conquer everything?

As there are many types of love, there are also different kinds of relationships it can be manifested to.

Family, romantic relationship, friendship and even work/school relationships need different types of love.


But given that, it all boils down to the key factors in maintaining a good relationship: communication & comprehension.

Communication is needed in every relationship as you always have to tell the people you love how you feel and your side on matters that affect you whether it’s involving them or other people.

Comprehension is another necessary factor as a relationship doesn’t just limit to communicating your feelings.

heart drawing

But also understanding each other’s sides and having a middle point to further strengthen and maintain a good relationship.

So, do you believe that love conquers everything? Share this with your friends and family to know if they believe in it.


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