Wildlife Lovers Saved a Goat That Was Trapped in Rocks

Wildlife Lovers Saved a Goat That Was Trapped in Rocks

Some wildlife lovers go for a climb to experience the wild personally. However, life has made us realize that no one can tell what you’ll discover while trekking through the wild.

The mountaineers and wildlife lovers of Mossy Earth group were climbing through the Pedriza area of the Sierra de Guadarrama when they saw a mountain goat that was trap between a stone.

wildlife lovers saw a goat trapped in rocks
Facebook / Mossy Earth

The goat is in a severe situation. It was hanging by his horns and suspended between two enormous rocks. Obviously, the goat had been in a very uncomfortable position for several hours.

They realize that they need a plan and use something for assistance, so the climbers set out to bring forth a strategic way to take the mountain goat back to safety.

Facebook / Mossy Earth

They settled on making a harness out of their coats to help lift the goat from the huge rocks. The climbers’ plan was effective.

In spite of being unable to move for a couple of hours because of its unfortunate situation, the goat was finally free.

However, before leaving its rescuers, the goat stopped to express some gratitude by showing adorable gestures and head rubs. Watch the video of it which are posted on Facebook.

Part 2 – after freeing our new friend it took him a few minutes to recover from the shock and then he went on his way 🙂

Mossy Earth 发布于 2018年1月14日周日

If not for these mountaineers, things could have ended in a disaster way for the life of the goat. They’re legends!


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