Wildfires rage through Australia: Firefighters struggle

Wildfires rage through Australia: Firefighters struggle

Wildfire rage through Australia as firefighters across the country battle the blazes that could become the worst they ever encountered.

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Wildfire rage through Australia: conditions only worsen it

Authorities say that reports of property damage and injuries throughout New South Wales and Queensland. New South Wales is the most populous state in Australia, but the greatest fire risk lies in rural areas.

Dry conditions and strong winds help make the conditions much worse. And could provide several more bushfires to spread further.

wildfire rage through australia
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Firefighters are still battling 12 emergency-level fires across New South Wales. A whole day of “catastrophic” fire risk in heavily populated areas.

An emergy warning was issued when a fire is dangerously threatening a town or community or has broken into containment lines.

In total, there are 85 fires burning across New South Wales, half of those are out of control. Also, a number of firefighters are injured during a fight in the front lines.

State of Emergency

So far the state of Queensland and New South Wales have both been declared in the state of emergency. Sydney most especially is at high risk. In some affected areas, fire authorities say that “it’s too late to leave”.

Damages of the wildfires

The fires already have killed three people and destroyed more than 100 homes and two schools so far. Approximately 600 educational institutions were closed on Tuesday and nine schools also forced to evacuate as the fire approaches.

The fires have also killed more than 350 Koala’s not only threatening its habitat but also the dangers of its existence.


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