Wildfires in Indonesia Are Causing Haze to Neighboring Countries

Wildfires in Indonesia Are Causing Haze to Neighboring Countries

As the forests in Amazon and Australia are burning, there are also wildfires in Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia.

Certainly, these wildfires are already causing haze to its neighboring countries including Malaysia and the Philippines.

Since September, there have been 73,000 wildfire alerts across Indonesia which causes the cancellations of different flights and also force some schools to close.

Therefore, the parliament government has already declared a state of emergency to at least six provinces in Indonesia that have been affected severely.

Moreover, the country’s National Police spokesperson, Dedi Prasetyo, said on Monday that they have arrested 185 people in six provinces because these people are connected to the wildfires.

Above all, there are also four companies who are also under investigation because they may have connections on forest fires.

“Almost 99% of the forest and land fires occurred due to human factors,” said Prasetyo during the interview with CNN. 

The wildfires that are happening in Indonesia are caused by the same reason why Amazon is burning which is human affairs.

This is a sad truth that we must accept because some people are more concerned about their self-interest than the interests of the greater good.

Certainly, the wildfires in Indonesia is not only causing damage to the country itself but to the neighboring countries as well.

That’s why this should stop now for the benefit of all people in the Southeasternmost part of Asia.


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