Why Does A Person Do the Right Thing?

Why Does A Person Do the Right Thing?

A person is obeying the laws not because they are obligated or they are afraid of the punishment, but because they know it’s the right thing to do.

We are doing what we think is right based on our own morality. For example, there are so many reasons why we are not throwing trashes in the streets.

throwing the trash properly

One reason may be because we are disciplined by our parents not to do it. Second, maybe we are environmentalist who doesn’t want to destroy Mother Earth by keeping it clean from trashes. 

Most people are doing the right thing based on their own morality and not according to laws. It doesn’t matter whether there’s a law or not, what does matter is one’s own morality.

Certainly, laws are just a set of rules and regulations on which people will follow. But the people will always have a choice whether they will obey it or not.

right thing to do for old people

Therefore, a person will always do the right thing because of his or her own morality. It doesn’t matter to them if there’s a law or not, they will just the right thing for the sake of humanity and of the world.

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