Why Do Your Eyes Twitches and How to Stop It?

Why Do Your Eyes Twitches and How to Stop It?

Do one or both of your eyes twitch? This is something personal because you are the only one who can feel it. But have you ever wondered why it does? Fortunately, it’s not something serious.

why do your eyes twitches

It’s just a way that your body uses to signal to you that there is something wrong with your lifestyle. Luckily, making slight adjustments to your lifestyle and the way you work can stop these irritating eye twitches.

Eye twitches are usually a symptom of something else. If you lead a stressed, rushed lifestyle with little sleep, there are two main factors why your eyes might twitch.

Main Factors on Why Do Your Eyes Twitches

Stress can lead to insomnia, so your body is signaling to you that you need to get more rest. Eye straining could be another reason why your eyes twitch.

This is logically reasonable because if you endlessly stare at your smartphone or computer screen all day, it will trouble your eyes.


If you are wearing glasses, you might need to have a new one. But if you don’t have one, you should set an appointment with the doctor and check if you need one.

Staring at these bright screens can place a strain on your eye muscles. Especially if you’re looking at your smartphone before sleeping. If it’s possible, stop using these devices at least 3 hours before sleeping.

If you’re stressed out, you’re probably consuming too much caffeine or might be drinking too much alcohol. Either way, these can be a cause why your eyes twitches.

These two ideas are not definite causes for eye twitches. But if you think those are not the reasons why you have eye twitches, you could have nutritional imbalances or allergies you aren’t familiar with.

Some studies found that a diet with low magnesium could also result in twitches.

On the other hand, the overproduction of histamine which is released when you have an allergic reaction could make you feel like you have a crazy look in your eye.

Now that you know some of the causes behind eye twitches, it’s time to get rid of that crazy look in your eyes and stop the twitching for good. You’ll feel better and be healthier.


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