Why Do We Need To Stop Eating Tilapia?

Why Do We Need To Stop Eating Tilapia?

Fish is a one of the great sources of fundamental nutrients that our bodies need. The sea offers us varieties of fish and seafood and Tilapia is one of those.

Tilapia is the most common cultured fish in America in light of its cheapness? However, some experts are now asking consumers to stop eating Tilapia. Here are the reasons why.

Stop Eating Tilapia Because It Contains Few Nutrients

stop eating tilapia

Researchers from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine released a report on the omega-3 unsaturated fat substance in the famous fish.

Tilapia scored far lower than most other fish on the rundown. Omega-3 unsaturated fats give fish the vast majority of advantages, including Alzheimer’s hazard treatment.

On the other hand, Tilapia has a great amount of omega-6 unsaturated fats, which are bad for us. The amount of omega-6 in Tilapia is bigger compared to a cheeseburger or bacon.

Stop Eating Tilapia Because It Could Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

Specific omega-6 unsaturated fats in Tilapia named arachidonic corrosive – is a compound which altogether expands the kind of inflammation that goes before Alzheimer’s Disease.

While eating fishes like mackerel, halibut and sardines would decrease your danger of having Alzheimer’s, Tilapia really expands the chances or risk of having one.

Most Tilapia Is Farmed

tilapia farm

Tilapia is the second most cultured fish on the planet. This is because of the fish’s toughness. This fish can eat almost eat anything. Useful for breeders but awful for customers.

It implies that they don’t need to spend loads of cash on fish nourishment as they would when they raise salmon. Breeders ordinarily feed the fish with chicken and pig crap.

The fish are likewise loaded down with anti-infection agents and changed to develop faster.

Stop Eating Tilapia Because It May Increase The Risk of Having Cancer

stop eating tilapia

Tilapia can have a great measure of cancer-causing components than other fish. This is a direct result of the nourishment that breeders feed the fish which are only crap, pesticides, and synthetic substances.

One chemical researcher has found dioxin in Tilapia which is connected to the advancement and aggressiveness of malignant growth.


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