Why Do People Keep Falling in Love for the Wrong Person?

Why Do People Keep Falling in Love for the Wrong Person?

Most people used to fantasize about falling in love with someone amazing. Some people involved this person being nothing like our parents or guardians. But why do people have that kind of criteria?

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We all know that there is no perfect childhood. Some people have daddy issues while some are from their mothers.

That’s why most of the time, people wanted to look for another person who will love them unconditionally.

However, whenever we fall in love, we tend to choose the person that has the same attitude as our parents or guardians that we promise not to imitate. Or sometimes, we are becoming the person we don’t want to be.

According to The School of Life, we love along “channels” we learned in childhood and recreate the situations in which we felt loved. That feeling can be complicated by painful elements, too.

 why do people: couple happy

Unfortunately, instead of avoiding the painful parts from our past, we look for familiarity.

Even if the person we love doesn’t display the same behaviors of our parents, they make us feel loved because it resembles the love that you experienced in the past.

That’s why sometimes even they are not good for us we still choose the wrong person into our lives because they give the love that we are familiar with.

Learn more about this theory of attraction and how we can choose the people who will challenge us in the best ways.

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