Why do Humans Kiss Their Dogs More Than Their Partners?

Why do Humans Kiss Their Dogs More Than Their Partners?

We cannot deny the loyalty of our dogs, and how they genuinely love us, they are no doubt man’s best friend! I hope we do not get to neglect them rather value their efforts.

humans kissing dog

Over half of dog owners in the U.S. kiss their pets more than their partners, according to a recent study. But why do humans do that?

A survey by Riley’s Organic says, 52% of dog owners from the U.S. are kissing their pets more than their partners

The study was conducted by Riley’s Organics, according to PEOPLE.com, who desired to find out how close a relationship of dog owners are to their dear pets. 

Hearing that a lot of people across the U.S. give so much love to their pets, an organic dog treat company was on cloud nine.

why do humans kiss dogs more than their partners?

This trend also pursued even the respondents’ sleeping habits

52% among all of those surveyed said they prefer to sleep in bed with their dogs over their significant others

Riley’s Organics has an explanation that puts everything into perspective if the result surprises you.

soldier and dog

One of the most emphatic responses came from a question about what humans feel when they bond with their dogs.

An overwhelming 94% of pet owners said they truly consider their dogs as one of their best friends. We’re simply allowing our best buddies to feel they are precious when we show them so much affection. 


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