When Is The Right Time To Open Up?

When Is The Right Time To Open Up?

Often times, human beings don’t know the right time to open up. That’s why they tend to bottle up their emotions instead of venting it out.

These people who are so guarded with their feelings are usually the ones who need help, guidance, and advice the most.

It is normal for shy and timid people to keep everything to themselves just so they wouldn’t have to deal with other people’s reactions and speak with them.

We know that it is more common for people who do not talk that much to stay silent about their struggles and keep the emotional hurt to themselves.

right time to open up

However, it is surprising to know that people who are outgoing and extroverts are also skillful with putting their happy face on while being emotionally drained and exhausted on the inside.

This just says that no matter your type of personality is, at some point in your life, you will choose to stay silent and keep everything to yourself.

Moreover, you would not be overthinking about being a burden to the people around you.

But the real question is, when is the right time to open up about what is happening to your life and how you are feeling about the things and people around you?

Most often than not, the best time would be when you are already exploding inside, and you just want to let your stress and frustrations out.

Finding the right people to tell your stories and secrets is also necessary for trust and foundation among yourself and others.

Because knowing that you can tell someone about anything, and everything really helps to ease the pain and lighten the weight of your daily struggles and problems in life.


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