What’s the best order to Watch the Terminator Film Series?

What’s the best order to Watch the Terminator Film Series?

With the release of the sixth Terminator film coming soon, we’re giving out suggestions for your refresher course.

According to reports, Terminator Dark Fate works as a direct sequel to The Terminator (1984) and T2 Judgment Day (1991). Furthermore, Dark Fate seems at work to effectively relegate the three other movies to alternate timelines and universes. However, them being part of the canon, we still need to consider them in this list.

Here’s our suggested way to re-watch the franchise in preparation for 2019’s new Terminator film:

  • Day 1
    • Rise of the Machines (2003)
    • Salvation (2008)
    • Genisys (2017)
  • Day 2
    • The Terminator (1984)
    • Judgment Day (1991)

The reason behind the line up is very simple: Get the other Terminator films over with, and maintain continuity.

Terminator via Wikipedia

Different directors and producers have taken on the helm of the franchise. Understandably, each director would want to put in bits and pieces to try to move the storyline beyond the traditional time travel aspect of the film. Unfortunately, though, some of the alterations to the storyline were really bad. Hence, films like “Rise of the Machines” and “Salvation” really drove the franchise to a bad state. While Genisys sought to correct those mistakes, it still needed an extra push. Consequently, the franchise needed James Cameron to return to set the franchise back on track.

As expected, initial reviews based on trailers and press conferences give positive nods to the new film set to be released this November. Accordingly, James Cameron mentioned that should Dark Fate figure well in theater sales, they already have a plan to extend it to a trilogy.

And as what Arnold always says, “I’ll be back.”


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