What Makes the Eyes Blue for Some People?

What Makes the Eyes Blue for Some People?

We’ve all seen that the color of the sky is always blue. However, the truth is that the sky only appears blue in our eyes. This is due to the Tyndall effect, or the way light reflects from scattered particles. This is also the same with blue eyes. But what makes the eyes to have that color?

In the iris, there are two layers of cells which are the stroma and the epithelium.

For people with dark eyes, the stroma contains melanin. While the people with blue ones, are just translucent.

Due to the genetic mutation that makes it completely clear, the stroma scatters the light waves.

Blue travels in shorter waves, so it scatters more easily and is more visible. Therefore, the eyes are blue because it’s the easiest color to reflect.

This is also why it appears in different lighting or settings. The light is just reflecting differently on the stroma.

For people who have gray eyes, the effect is just the same. The only difference is its strong in collagen instead of melanin, which diminishes the blue reflection.

It’s good to know how they have its color. This phenomenon is interesting enough to make me want to learn more about our bodies. We can’t get enough of interesting facts like this one.


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