What Made this 18-year-old Lose 100 pounds?

What Made this 18-year-old Lose 100 pounds?

When people decide to lose weight, they often get too hard on themselves with strict and complicated diets. Some start counting every carb, and calorie, others limit themselves to eating a few foods. So, what made a high school senior lose 100 pounds?

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The cabbage-and-bananas diet comes to mind. However, sometimes making a few small adjustments in our lifestyle can have the same effect as a strict diet.

Michael Watson, an 18-year-old high school senior in Canto, Ohio, lost 115 pounds over the past two years by walking to school every day instead of taking the bus.

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No matter what the weather was like, he would walk twenty miles to school and back every single day.

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It all began during his sophomore year when Michael took a good look in the mirror.

“When I looked in the mirror I was really ready to get it done and thought, ‘I can’t just fail anymore on my diet,’” Watson told Yahoo. “I need to actually do this.”

He Started Walking and That’s What Made Him Lose Weight

“When I took the bus to school, I’d want to sit by a kid, and they’d say, ‘No, go sit somewhere else because I was so big,’” Watson recalled.

“When I started walking, I didn’t even know what time the bus came, and that was my motivation, ‘I have to walk.’”


Working at Kentucky Fried Chicken was a challenge to make changes in his diet. “It was extremely hard, especially at first,” Watson said. “What motivated me was stepping on the scale.”

“I’d see that I was 290 [pounds] and say, ‘Let’s get to 280, come on Michael, you got this,’” he continued.

Michael’s incredible achievement was highlighted on his high school’s Facebook page.

what made him lose weight?

He says that although there were times that his diet is not perfect over the past two years, he never lost his commitment to eating right.

“Every day is a new day,” he told CNN. “Anybody can do it if they put their mind to it.”

I believe what we all needed was to — start.


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