What is the Link Between Technology and Society?

What is the Link Between Technology and Society?

The theory of technological momentum suggests that technology and society influence each other. They both benefit from each other that’s why they both progress.

link between society and technology

Unlike the theory of social constructivism, it only suggests that society are the one who shapes technology and they are the only one that influences the technologies we have.

That’s the reason why we believe this theory is the weakest of them all. Certainly, we all know that society has been influenced by technology for so long. It has affected their way of living especially their behavior.

One good example of this is the Internet specifically social media sites. We all know that this technology is meant for communication with our loved ones who are far from us.

But as the years go by, the society started to use this as a tool for everyday communication with our friends and family. This technology has shaped us and guide us for a brighter future.

technology and bright future of society?

But we also influence the technology to evolve to serve us better and build that bright future.

Therefore, the main link of society and technology is their coordination for the development of a progressed society.

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