What is the Community of Practice and its Importance?

What is the Community of Practice and its Importance?

Knowledge Management and Community of Practice are closely related to each other. The reason why they are related because COP is a product of knowledge management.

networks of people

Moreover, COP is a group of people who work together to form a community of learning and practice. This term is originally from Lave and Wenger (1991) and it was described as a learning theory.

It also has a strong relationship with the social construction of knowledge. Usually, the community of practice is:

“It is a group of professionals informally unite to one another through exposure to a common class of problems, common pursuit of solutions, and thereby themselves embodying a store of knowledge.”

Stewart 2001 in Botha et al 2008

Based on the definition and characteristics of COP, we can conclude that the concept of COP is Knowledge Management.

The information is being collected or captured so that it can be distributed accordingly to the group and somehow learn or make something out of that knowledge that has been managed effectively.

community of practice

Therefore, we can say that one of the best examples of Knowledge Management is the Community of Practice and almost everyone in today’s society is doing this without them knowing it.

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