What is Effective and Efficient Communication?

What is Effective and Efficient Communication?

Communication is a person’s way to inform, express their feeling, or even criticize other people. This is our way to link ourselves and form bonds with the people around us.

Moreover, this is how we create our network or our circle of friends and families. Therefore, it is important for us to be an effective and efficient communicator because this is our means to everything.

But how do we do that? How can we have effective and efficient communication?

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To be an effective communicator, we must understand the basic model of our communication process.

The first model of our communication is authored by Aristotle and that is the “Speaker, Speech, & Audience” model.

It means that in every communication between people, there will be always a Speaker (the one talking), the Speech (or the Message of the speaker) and the Audience (the receiver of the Speech).

However, David Berlo provided a more specific model of communication which is the “Basic SMCR Model” or the Sender-Message-Channel-Receiver model.

This model is quite similar to Aristotle’s model, Berlo just included a “Channel” or the means of communicating.

Obviously, before the message reached the receiver, there must be a channel or a medium to transport the message to the receiver.


We may communicate in different channels or forms such as written texts, verbal and non-verbal communication, audio-visual presentation, animation and other forms of communication.

After understanding the basic model of communication, we must now practice the convergence model of communication so that we can be an effective communicator.

Convergence Model of Communication

The convergence model is a communication process that also has elements of communication such as the sender, message, channel, and receiver.

But the difference is that the goal of the message of the sender is to have a mutual understanding with the receiver.

It means to say that the sender must send a message which is common to his or her receiver.

convergence model of communication

The sender must choose a topic that they are both interested to. In doing so, the sender is building a bond through their mutual understanding.

More importantly, they can further communicate deeper and may understand each other more sincerely.

For example, if you are going to send information about global warming to your audiences by making an advertisement, you must first deliver your advertisement into their interest.

To do this, you must catch their attention by creating an attractive design. Afterward, deliver your message that is also related to them you must build a mutual understanding with your audiences.

If it’s successful, then you have communicated your message effectively and efficiently.

We don’t know if you got what we mean, but the communication process is very crucial for all of us. We must be very careful in delivering your message.

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Above all, we must watch every word we say other people because we might break that mutual understanding and you will have to face a wall to enter that bond again.

In conclusion, communication is part of every person’s life. That’s why we must learn to communicate with each other in mutual understanding so that we may grasp each other’s messages.


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