What If We Suddenly Lose Our Internet Today?

What If We Suddenly Lose Our Internet Today?

The internet is something that most people take for granted just like electricity and water. But when we experience slow or no internet at all, that’s when we realize that it has impacted our lives in a big way.

devices that needs internet

Watching Netflix, Stan or Foxtel Now is maybe the first thing some people may notice if we lose our Internet today. While some people will miss their music streaming through Spotify or Apple music.

watching netflix

The next thing that will affect the loss of the Internet is our smart products which will be useless as well. Our security cameras will be offline as well and we won’t be able to see the people on our front door.

That’s why if we suddenly lose our connection, you’ve got nothing. It’s the same as having no camera at all.

smart home needs internet

The same thing will happen with our other connected appliances which allow users to control it even they are not home.

We can’t call our products ‘smart’ if they are connected to the Internet.

We can no longer command our washing machine to wash our clothes from your phone or remotely turn on the air conditioner before going home.

Online gamers are most likely the most affected people when we suddenly lose our connection today. Their hobbies or career (for some people) will be affected.

There are other important services that need the Internet such as airports, banks, and many other essential institutions. The Internet is not only a luxury to people, but it’s already a necessity for the world.


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