What If the Classical Figures Lived in Modern World?

What If the Classical Figures Lived in Modern World?

The Classical Figures in paintings described the culture of the civilization hundreds of years ago in their natural environment. But what if they were alive or painted in the modern world?

As humans have changed the landscape of the earth over the years, we are still using the idea of nature in our paintings. Many artists have included the human-made aspects of our lives.

what if the classical figure

But what if the Classical Figures Lived in Modern World?

What would they look like? Fortunately, there is one artist who is using his artwork to answer our questions.

Alexey Kondakov is an artist who is known for taking classical paintings of people out of their element. He uses different scenarios in our modern world in his paintings.

He puts the classical figures into compressed and crowded spaces like cities where the contrast between the two is most evident. Surprisingly, the figures blended well with the background.

Kondakov is skilfully incorporating the natural shapes of the paintings into their new environment. As you can see, the results are amazing!

You wouldn’t think that it’s not from this time and age. The artist is so good in his craft and he knows what he is doing.

It’s a fascinating look to see both the past and the present are merge into one painting.

As digital art moves us forward, Kondakov still has one eye in the past to ground us. You can see more of his stunning and innovative work on Instagram.

Honestly speaking, we can’t pick a favorite because everything is so beautiful. They’re so seamless and unearthly. If you were the artist, where would you put the classical figure, in your town or city?


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