What Does it Take to Be A Good Father?

What Does it Take to Be A Good Father?

Most people today often prefer a “good father” for being able to provide for them financially.

These fathers are mostly considered only the head of the family because they are the ones who take care of them economically.

Moreover, people think that fathers are only meant to work and not a parenting job because that’s the job for mothers.

However, there’s an African tribe called Aka people who have another view of a good father should be.

In their culture, the men are usually the one who takes care of their children while the women are gone hunting.  

good father and his son

Moreover, the fathers on this tribe are the people who play with their kids, wash them, and spend most of their time with their children.

Therefore, people on the internet are labeling them as one of the best fathers in the world. This may be odd for our fathers today because our society already defined the role of fathers.

However, one of the qualities of a good father is like what the Aka tribesman are doing.

Fathers should spend their time with their children and provide them with emotional support and not just financially.

father and daughter

But honestly speaking, we only have a few studies regarding the father-child relationship.

“There’s a lot of sense of importance with the relationships of mothers to their children. But there’s only a little thought about other social relationships,”

“One of the most disregarded social relationships is the father and child connection especially if their children are still young.”

“As they grow older, this kind of relationship slowly becomes important but it’s still secondary to the mother-child relationship.”

Michael Lamb, a psychologist at the University of Cambridge.

Nevertheless, the description of a good father still depends on the person itself. There are no definite guidelines to be that person.


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