What Does It Mean To Be Burnout in Life?

What Does It Mean To Be Burnout in Life?

Burnout is the state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.

It occurs when we become overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and are unable to meet certain demands.

Burnout is often caused by our jobs, but anyone who is overworked and undervalued can be burnt out. Feeling burnt out, however, is different from feeling stressed.

Moreover, this is when you feel empty and exhausted while stress is when you are drowning in responsibility but is able to handle it at the end of the day.


Although, both are important things we need to look after in ourselves and others.

Some symptoms of burnout include lack of motivation, frequent sickness, and fatigue. It can also affect different aspects of our lives.

At home, at work, at school– not only our social life but our mentality as well. Healthy emotional well-being must be sought after in order to lead a productive life.

So when we feel a lot tired lately, as we have run out of energy, take a breather. Treat yourself a self-care day. Reflect and reconnect. Find your way back to the purpose of why are you where you are right now.

It is healthy to find time and space to just breathe and relax. Prioritize your mental and physical health over your overloading works as you will be more functional when you take care of your whole being.


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