What Do We Need to Know About the Viral Salt Lamp?

What Do We Need to Know About the Viral Salt Lamp?

We believe that most of us have heard about the viral salt lamp on the Internet. People are claiming that there are health benefits when they use it.

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One of the benefits it can give to us is their capability to fight anxiety and enhancing your liveliness

In fact, some of the users said that it can cure all undesirable moods, exhaustion, failure to sleep, and even high blood pressure. But are those things that people say are true?

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According to Snopes, those claims are not true. It is just an untruthful belief that salt lamps are “natural ionizers” which release negative ions.

However, firm believers of these lamps contend that when it is turned on, the chunks of rock salt entice water from the air which is dissolved by the warmth of the lamp.

This method is said to produce plenty of negatively charged ions that fight back the positive ions which makes us sad.

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Well, according to some studies, negative ions can really enhance mood. However, it requires high concentrations of negative ions that salt lamps can’t achieve.

Out of curiosity, Jack Beauchamp, a Chemistry professor at Caltech, decided to test the salt lamp on his lab’s quadrupole ion trap mass spectrometer.

Expectedly, there was no sign of negative or even positive ions.

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Right now, we all discovered that there are no health benefits behind the salt lamps. It’s just a simple lamp that has salt in it. But don’t let this hinder you to buy those lamps because they are still as beautiful as it is.

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