What Can You Make With Melted Crayons?

What Can You Make With Melted Crayons?

Although their primary purpose is clearly for illustration and shading, there are many approaches to maximize the use of crayons.


You can use melted crayons to make candles, utilize old pieces to make custom made playdough and even making your remarkable vase out of the wax!

With 256 Crayola colored pencils, a broiler, and some equipment, DIY YouTuber Peter Brown made a rainbow bud vase that ended up being wonderful.

After getting rid of the wrappers on every crayon and putting them in order by their color in a bread pan, Peter Brown left all 256 crayons in the stove for three hours.

melted crayons
YouTube / Peter Brown

At the point when the wax had been liquefied, he waited a couple of days for it to solidify.

liquefied colors
YouTube / Peter Brown

Next up was removing each end of the block.

cut the solidified crayons
YouTube / Peter Brown

At that point, with the help of his drill press, Brown made a hole as the vase’s opening.

the YouTuber drilled the block
YouTube / Peter Brown

Turning the block on a wood machine, the craftier at long last started forming it into a vase.

shaping the solidified melted crayons

The outcome of the melted crayons is very charming! Didn’t it end up incredible?

flower vase

Check the procedures below.

This is such a fun thing to do and can also be a great gift for kids and grown-ups alike! On the off chance that I had a lot of colored crayons and all essential tools, I’ll try making this!


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