Western Plastic Destroying Indonesia’s Food Chain

Western Plastic Destroying Indonesia’s Food Chain

Western plastic is destroying Indonesia‘s food chain. The burning of plastic waste in Indonesia mostly sent there by the West is poisoning the food chain.

Indonesia’s government says it’s sending the waste back to countries.

Western plastic destroying Indonesia
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Western plastic: plastic pollution and more

Researchers from IPEN (the International Pollutants Elimination Network) collected chicken eggs at two sites near Surabaya, in East Java.

The researchers said the testing eggs was the easiest way to check whether the chemicals are known as persistent organic pollutants (POPs) such as dioxins had made it into the food chain.

In the village of Tropodo near tofu factories that burn plastics for fuel were the reading was the most serious.

The tests found on eating the eggs would exceed the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). Tolerable daily intake for dioxins 70 times over.

Researchers said this was the second-highest level of dioxins in eggs ever measure in Asia. Only behind an area of Vietnam.

One resident in Tropodo said it was known as the “city of smoke”.

“We don’t need to tell the doctor what our symptoms are… we just tell them that we are from Tropodo and they know right away.”

Experts believed that eating a few contaminated eggs would not impact one’s health immediately but long term exposure could lead to serious problems.

Yuyun Ismawati, a leading Indonesian environmentalist behind the tests explained.

“The results of our research are some of the most shocking we have ever had. In Indonesia, we’ve never had these results before”

Above all, let us all pray and hope that the government of Indonesia and the people have a plan with the plastic waste problem.


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