Weird Rug Made Of Dog is For Sale on Facebook

Weird Rug Made Of Dog is For Sale on Facebook

The Internet has a lot of insane and weird stuff. You can even find a weird rug that is made out of a dog’s skin. That is absurd!

You can discover pretty much anything on the Internet if you only know where and what to look for.

This new age has individuals who are engaged in online shopping, so people are making their strategies via web-based networking media to dispose of and sell their things.

weird rug made out of dog

So, when Katie Gold went over a post for a dog rug, she expected to discover a rug with a dog imprinted on it as a design or something that a dog owner already used.

Upon her online shopping, she understood that the reality of the situation was considerably darker than she could have expected.

From the start, you’d usually anticipate that the seller had used his/her cute dog to help sell their rug on Facebook.

In spite of the fact of having an acceptable reason for the post, you’d realize that these sickos had their dead dog remodeled as a floor covering itself. It is insane even if they have a strong attachment to the dog.

weird rug posted on Facebook

The new dog of the family who used this unique rug experienced difficulties using it, leaving the family with no other choice but to dispose and sell it. Why try to make money out of it?

Moreover, Twitter had a field day with this unbelievable thing available to be purchased. People couldn’t grasp why anyone would need the dead body of their pet occupying room in their home.

Others were very creeped out because somebody is selling their dead dog over the internet.

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