We Should Always Be Coachable

We Should Always Be Coachable

Why is it important to be coachable? Why is it necessary to be open to new learnings?

Above all, why is it mandatory to let go of the toxic behavior of being conceited and vain in terms of acquiring new knowledge?

These are questions that one must address first when re-assessing one’s self and the situation they are in. But first, what is the meaning of being “coachable”?

Being coachable is being eager to learn new things and acquire new knowledge.

However, no matter how desirable it is to acquire this positive trait. It may be difficult for people who are conceited and vain.

be coachable

Although, it is natural for human beings to feel proud and think highly of themselves for self-appreciation and self-confidence.

But it sometimes passes the boundary between believing in yourself and being proud and boastful of who you are and what you can do.

On a positive note, this negative behavior can still be changed with the person’s willingness to accept that he/she is not the best person in the world.

No matter how hurtful it is for someone’s ego to accept that there will always be someone better than them, it is still necessary for character development.

Moreover, when you start accepting that you are not the best and being open to new learnings from the people around you, you will keep on growing until you reach the point of success.

As they say, people who are successful also began at the bottom.

These successful people are coachable and determined that’s why they reached that point in life in their career/school life.


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