Wavy Brows is the Next Ridiculous Eyebrow Trend?

Wavy Brows is the Next Ridiculous Eyebrow Trend?

“See, I’m not a really fond of fashion, particularly with regards to the awesome world of cosmetics. However, I think Wavy Brows is cool.”

Hannah Lyne

My concept of getting adorned includes pants, a blush on, and perhaps a touch of mascara if I need to hype things up.

I have no clue on how to apply eye shadow, so I extend my greatest gratitude to the excellent masters of YouTube for changing their looks without hardly lifting a finger.

All things considered, I know when I see unpleasant trends, and the “corona eyebrow” is unquestionably among them.

Sixteen-year-old magnificence blogger Hannah Lyne has not just figured out how to surpass wavy eyebrows, but only to turn around unibrows.

She makes them look considerably strange than they would in their normal look. So how did this high school virtuoso think of such a progressive look?

Wavy Brows Discovery

“I was having a discussion with a friend of mine attempting to think of another trend for a look, and out of the blue it came to me that I ought to connect my forehead tails,” Hannah told in an interview.

She also added, “I got the idea from fishtail foreheads; seeing the manner in which my brow flicked upwards roused the possibility of simply having the brow on until it meets.” This is just incredible.

Be that as it may, this isn’t the main odd look she has made with her eyebrows. Look at a couple of the other “creative” brow tests she that she posted on Instagram.

One of her posts on her Instagram profile.

“I can hardly wait for the day I begin seeing ladies in the streets with radiant eyebrows over their eyes. What’s more, by “can hardly wait, I mean fear.”, Hannah’s final statement in the interview.


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