Vaping causes Lung Cancer, new reports suggest

Vaping causes Lung Cancer, new reports suggest

According to new medical reports, vaping now causes lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses. Incidentally, more than 200 cases related to vaping were reported between June and August in the US. However, despite the agreement, medical experts still argue as to how vaping figures in the process.

Vaping pertains to the act of smoking vaporized water in eCigarettes. To vape, you pour a mixed juice to an electronic vaporizer that serves as the cigarette butt from which you would inhale the vapor.

Apparently, vaping figured as the smoking alternative for a time. Consequently, experts initially concluded that this could be a healthier option than smoking. Evidently, relapsed smokers turned to vapes only to face a different beast.

In essence, all cases of lung illnesses have one thing in common: Vaping. Unfortunately, a death already figured in this matter. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, they “have not yet identified a single common brand, device type, or drug across the cases. That could mean that all of the illnesses were triggered by the same issue, or that each case is a different disease with some similar symptoms.”.

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So how does Vaping affect your lungs?

According to reports from the CDC, they are still unable to identify the root cause of these cases. However, they agree that the lung streams tend to suffer greatly as caused by the chemicals, particles, and potential metals included in the juice.

Generally, smokers crave nicotine. Hence, most smokers tend to rely on tobacco products to get their fix. However, flavored juices now include nicotine and other chemicals that are also present in cigarettes.

In essence, smoking and vaping do the same thing to your lungs. The only difference, however, is that the latter does it slower.


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