US and Brazil Made A Deal to Develop Amazon Together

US and Brazil Made A Deal to Develop Amazon Together

Just this week, the US and Brazil agreed to work together in the private-sector development of the Amazon rainforest during their meeting in Washington last Friday.

Moreover, the two countries also pledged $100 million (80 million Euros) in their meeting for the efforts of biodiversity conservation of the rainforest.

According to the foreign minister of Brazil, opening the rainforest to economic development is the only way to protect it.

In other words, more private sectors will come to the rainforest to develop it for their economic purposes.

US and Brazil Will Develop Amazon
Amazon Rainforest via Pixabay

However, some experts believed that there are already developmental activities near the Amazon before the agreement has been made.

Moreover, the experts said that these activities are the main caused of the wildfires in the rainforest.

In fact, there are already 80,000 fires that have been recorded just this year alone. That’s why environmentalists are criticizing the president of Brazil for his failure to protect the Amazon.

Moreover, the environmentalists believed that the president’s policy led the increase of wildfire cases this year which includes this agreement between Brazil and the US.

Whether the intentions of the US and Brazil for the Amazon are good or not, we believe that this agreement will still have a negative effect on the rainforest.


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