Unselfish Act of a Woman to The Homeless

Unselfish Act of a Woman to The Homeless

Arnetta Griffin is a woman who has experienced to be homeless. That’s why she personally knows how these people feel and she decided to do this unselfish act to them.

In 2008, the Kenosha, Wisconsin tenant and her kids were homeless after she lost her job. She cannot afford to rent anymore.

That’s why Griffin and her children are living on the streets, moving from one homeless shelter to another.

But Griffin doesn’t like her kids to have that kind of life. Therefore, she was motivated by their situation and persevered to get back on her feet.

She also prays and promises to God that if she and her kids will get through their tough situation, she will pay it forward. By God’s grace, the breakthrough came to their lives two years ago.

The minute Griffin discovered that there is a local homeless shelter near their place, she fulfills her promise to God. She knew that this is her chance to support those people.

She decided to use her social security checks to give food to the homeless people and she calls it “God’s Kitchen of Kenosha.”

Griffin even brings food to the homeless people who couldn’t show up to her food kitchen.

Let’s look at her story and get inspiration from her unselfish act.

This is an example of an unselfish woman who feeds people with their own money because she knows what it feels.

If this story inspires you to be kind and helpful to other people, share this with your friends so you can all give kindness to people.


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