Unbelievable Facts That People Don’t Know About China

Unbelievable Facts That People Don’t Know About China

Whenever we talked about Dim sum, dumplings, Wontons, or Peking Ducks, we all know that it came from China. But aside from their foods, there are still a lot of unbelievable facts that most people don’t about their country.

So, to help us know more about China, let’s look at this list that our researched team has prepared for us.

Unbelievable Facts: Soccer Started in China

unbelievable facts, China invented soccer

Cuju (literally translated as kick the ball) started during the Han Dynasty (206 – 220 AD). Over the centuries it spread to neighboring countries and eventually to the world.

Pajamas are Fashionable


Wearing Pajamas out in public is becoming popular in China. People are wearing them when they are just walking around the town.

Most People are Watching One Channel Every 7 pm

7 pm tv habit of China

Every day at 7 pm, the government-owned news agency gives a half-hour update in the day’s news. This program has been the most-watched show on Chinese television since 1978.

Unbelievable Facts: Increasing Number of Christians

interesting facts, Christians on China

Even though China is strict with other religions, the experts believe that the country will have more Christians than anywhere else on Earth by 2030.

Avoiding Traffic is Big Business

unbelievable things, traffic service

If you are caught in a traffic jam in China, there are companies that offer motorcycle services that will sneak you out in traffic.

They can also bring someone to wait and drive your car in the traffic and bring it to your destination.

Nationwide Time Zone

nationwide time zone in China

Even though their country is so big, China uses only Beijing Central Time. This means that the sun rises at 10 am for some places like Xinjiang which is the country’s westernmost city.

Kid’s Poop Everywhere

kids in China poop anywhere

Diapers aren’t really a thing in China. Instead, infants often wear split pants so they can poo whenever they need to.

It’s a common sight to see a mother holding her child’s butt over a trashcan as you walk down the street in China.

Unbelievable Facts: Government Approved Pregnancy

unbelievable facts, approved pregnancy

The government of China has been loosening restrictions on how many children a family can have. But a couple must still get permission before they have a kid.

Police Geese Instead of Dogs

police geese

Chinese police say that geese have great vision and are quite aggressive so they can fill in instead of dogs.


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