Uber Loses London License ‘Again’

Uber Loses London License ‘Again’

Uber loses London license again, here’s why. London transit officials decided not to extend the company’s license after midnight local time on Monday.

Transport for London said in a statement that they identified “a pattern of failures” that placed passengers at risk. After that, it said that 14,000 trips taken recently involved unauthorized drivers that were able to pass themselves as other Uber drivers.

Meanwhile, Uber said that they would appeal to the decision not to renew their license. Described it as “extraordinary and wrong”. However, it can continue to provide services in London while the appeal is being heard. As a result, Uber shares fell more than 5% in premarket trading.

Uber loses London license

Uber loses London license
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The company was here before. The city first declined them of the renewal of their license in 2017 citing several concerns including how Uber responded to serious crimes.

Uber appealed to London and later granted permission to operate for 15 months. In late September, the regulator granted Uber an additional 2 months.

Jamie Heywood, Uber’s general manager for northern and eastern Europe, said in the statement.

We have fundamentally changed our business over the last two years and are setting the standard on safety.

TfL found us to be a fit and proper operator just two months ago, and we continue to go above and beyond.

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