Uber and Hyundai Teams Up for a “Flying Taxi” Project

Uber and Hyundai Teams Up for a “Flying Taxi” Project

We all predicted that 2020 might be the year of innovation and future, well it turns out it’s true as Uber and Hyundai are planning to do “flying taxis.”

uber and hyundai team up
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“I bet there will be flying cars in the future!” well you said it as Uber and Hyundai are the first ones to make it.

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Uber is one of the leading Ride-sharing apps nowadays over the US, Asia, and Europe.

On the other hand, Hyundai, an automotive company whose innovation in technology is also massive and brilliant.

So put them together? And we get a flying car, really? Yes.

So at Consumer Electronic Show (CES) an event showcasing tech innovations worldwide held at last Vegas last Tuesday, it was revealed.

These two companies teased a model of a four-seat, electric flying vehicle

And they said you’ll be able to summon for a ride through Uber’s app someday.

Also according to Hyundai’s spokesperson, The first actual prototype will be ready in 2023.

Well for sure this decade will gonna be exciting.

The Prototype is called “Uberdai” it will carry a pilot and three passengers up to 60 miles, at speeds of up to 180mph.

“Our vision of Urban Air Mobility will transform the concept of urban transportation”

Said by Jaiwon Shin, the Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai’s Urban Air Mobility.

Flying taxi’s as a trend?

Well, it’s not only these two companies are having these”flying taxis.”

Like last year, Boeing began test flights to test the safety of “Boeing NeXt,” an electric aircraft with passenger pods designed to travel up to 50 miles

And Bell Helicopter unveiled the “Bell Nexus,” which was the company’s hopes will “redefine air travel”.


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