Two Popes film features Hopkins, Pryce in leading roles

Two Popes film features Hopkins, Pryce in leading roles

Veteran actors Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal), and Jonathan Pryce (Game of Thrones) are starring in Netflix’s original film The Two Popes.

Netflix uploaded the 2-minute trailer Thursday morning. According to reports, the film is set during the rocky period between the papacy of Pope Benedict XVI and Francis. Additionally, the film will explore the dynamic and intimate relationship between the two polarizing figures as well as their philosophies. Furthermore, the film promises to touch on the internal issues that had hounded the church during this time.

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As a result of multiple allegations of safeguarding criminal priests, Pope Benedict became the first pope in centuries to resign from his post. Apparently, critics claimed that Pope Benedict’s inaction towards pedophile priests that have hounded the institution has weakened the church. This, in turn, led to widespread concern on the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. Currently, Pope Emeritus Benedict resides in seclusion.

In comparison to Benedict’s apparent traditionalist nature, Pope Francis is more progressive in terms of handling Church matters. Since his ascension to the throne of man, he has released numerous papal bulls towards social issues and reconciliations. He remains as Pope to this day.

Academy Award-winner Anthony Hopkins stars as Pope Benedict XVI, while Golden Globe-winner Jonathan Pryce takes on Cardinal Bergoglio (Pope Francis) in this film. Apparently, with the release of the trailer, a number of fans have expressed strong praise on the casting of the veteran actors. Incidentally, both men strongly resemble the physical traits and looks of the popes in play.

Fernando Meirelles directs the film. Select theaters across North America will show the film starting November 27. The Two Popes will be released globally via Netflix in December.


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