Two Men Admitted Working on Illegal Streaming Sites the Size of NETFLIX AND HULU

Two Men Admitted Working on Illegal Streaming Sites the Size of NETFLIX AND HULU

Two men admitted that they are working on illegal streaming sites the size of Netflix and Hulu maybe even bigger.

The Department of Justice said the two men behind one of the biggest illegal streaming services are out. Further, the streaming war continues.

The two men are programmers in Las Vegas and they pleaded guilty last Friday. Criminal copyright charges bestowed upon them after FBI investigation. This revealed that they are working on two huge, illegal online streaming sites, iStreamItAll, and Jetflicks.

Two men admitted on illegal streaming sites
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Two men admitted and punished by law

iStreamItAll’s content library featured more than 118,000 television episodes and nearly 11,000 movies. This makes it larger than Netflix, Hulu or even Amazon Prime.

Both iStreamItAll and Jetflicks had thousands and thousands of paid subscribers and designed to work on many platforms and devices.

including myriad varieties of computer operating systems, smartphones, tablets, smart televisions, video game consoles, digital media players, set-top boxes and web browsers,

The DOJ said, citing the two plea agreements.

Pirating has long been a major concern by leaders behind streaming companies. The world of streaming changed significantly these past years. Piracy may be an even bigger concern now that many competitors entered that platform.


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