Twitter Account of the Founder of the Company Was Hacked!

Twitter Account of the Founder of the Company Was Hacked!

Before August ends, Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, had one of the bad days of his life. He discovered some hacked tweets from his official twitter account.

Moreover, these hackers call themselves as the “Chuckle Squad”. They have tweeted foul words from Jack’s official account which has 4.2 million followers.


More importantly, the tweets that they have posted are racially charged insults, antisemitism, and even a bomb threat to the company.

For just an hour, Twitter removed the foul tweets and investigated about it. Afterward, the company allowed Jack’s account to be operational.

“Our founder’s account is already secure and there’s no sign that our systems have been hacked as well,” Twitter’s official statement regarding the incident.

On the other hand, Twitter found out on their investigation that the reason why Jack’s account was hacked is because of his mobile phone.

twitter account

Certainly, there has been a “security oversight” which allowed the hackers to access his Twitter account.

The group then sent the insensitive tweets via SMS to Jack’s official account which made possible by Cloudhopper.

It is a service of Twitter that allows its users to post tweets through text messages from their mobile phones.

Certainly, the servers of the social media giant are still safe from security issues. However, some people are now doubting the safety of their mobile numbers if they connect it to their social media accounts.

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