Trump Wants To Ban Flavored Vaping As More People Get Sick

Trump Wants To Ban Flavored Vaping As More People Get Sick

President Donald Trump stepped up and talk to his constituents about his plans on banning the flavored vaping in the United States.

Moreover, the government is already sending warnings to the manufactures of e-cigarettes.

Trump was worried because of the massive increase in health concerns over vaping, which can cause severe lung diseases.

There have already been a lot of cases wherein teenagers die because of the effects of vaping on their lungs.

flavored vaping

Recently, the Food and Drug Association sent a warning letter to a specific manufacturer of e-cigarettes. It is one of the famous manufactures that we have today which is Juul Labs.

Moreover, the FDA wanted the company to stop its ads wherein they claim that their products are safe to use even though it was not yet tested and confirmed.

President Trump already identified vaping as a problem that’s why he wanted to ban the flavored vaping as soon as possible.

“We have to do something strong immediately about these incidents,” Trump said in the White House last Wednesday. “We don’t want more people to get sick because of it. A lot of people are already dying.”

In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention opened an investigation in vaping last month. There are already 150 people who were hospitalized because of lung illnesses.


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