Trump PA leaves White House on allegations of gossiping

Trump PA leaves White House on allegations of gossiping

Madeleiun Westerhout, long-time PA to US President Donald Trump has been removed from office following allegations of gossiping with the press, reports say.

Late this week, Westerhout abruptly left the White House premises. According to official reports, the ex-PA is now a “separated employee”.

US President Trump considers Westerhout to be a loyal assistant. Notably, she had been with Trump since he assumed office in 2016.

Apparently, the PA made comments about Trump’s family during an informal press conference while being under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately, she was not able to advise reporters to “keep it off the record”.

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For the most part, the administration has figured in a number of scandals and allegation of leakages from top officials. Similarly, the administration has faced a number of removals and resignations from top White House officials. However, the president is not new to such occurrences anymore. And this latest instance proves that there is wide discord in the oval office. However, it would seem like he has a strong reservation when it comes to comments on the first family, apparently. Hence, what makes this instance different is that she was removed from office without resigning.

Madeleine Westerhout concurrently served as the Oval Office Director, managing visits, paper routes, and schedule of the President. As compared to their other colleagues, her stance and loyalty towards Trump are fierce. Hence, the removal came as both a shock and surprise to White House officials.

Prior to joining the Trump administration, Westerhout figured greatly in Republican National Committee Chair Katie Walsh’s office.


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