Truck Driver Damaged a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Peru

Truck Driver Damaged a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Peru

The UNESCO World Heritage Site is an exceptional wonder in the world that attracts thousands of tourists. Unfortunately, some of those marvelous sites are being destroyed.

For example, Syria once had six UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But today, they were all damaged or destroyed because of the civil war which includes Aleppo’s Umayyad Mosque Complex.”

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Syria

Another example is Australia’s Great Barrier Reef that was damaged, and it cannot be fixed anymore because of us humans. More than 93% of it is suffering from coral bleaching.

Just last year, another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Peru was also damaged because of a truck driver who went overboard.

Damaged Nazca Lines

So, the 40-year-old truck driver, Jainer Jesus Flores Vigo, left the cemented road and drove across the Nazca lines so that he will not pay a toll.

However, the damages that he caused were more than the price of a toll. In fact, it is priceless because he can never fix the damage.

According to IFL Science,

“The Ministry of Culture of Peru, who is working with the Prosecutor’s Office, says that the truck massively damaged the site, the truck leaves ‘deep scars’ on the exterior and a portion of three geoglyphs which is a total area of about 50 X 100 meters.”

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Peru, the Nazca lines
Nazca Lines Before the Damage

The driver explains that he was unfamiliar with the area and the court proven that he didn’t act intentionally. However, he is still accountable for the damages and will receive the consequences for it.

The Ministry of Culture is suggesting 9 months of preventive imprisonment and the driver should pay a fine of $1,550 for the whole damages. Learn more about the incident below.

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