TREVI FOUNTAIN to be Barricaded?

TREVI FOUNTAIN to be Barricaded?

Romes considers barricading the Trevi fountain from tourists.

As we all know the fountain has become a symbol of Rome. Ever since Anita Ekberg and Marcello Mastroianni cavorted in its waters in “La Dolce Vita”.

Romes considers barricading the Trevi fountain from tourists.
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The Trevi fountain

But the popularity of the fountain and the tiny piazza which leads tourists to find their own sweet spot has led it to be overcrowded all the time.

Not to mention the tourists who behave badly. This year alone an American tourist found taking a bath. In addition, an Italian woman was stopped from carving something with a key. And three drunk Australians found it funny to pour their drinks into the water.

Now, four months since a local restaurant owner called the place “disgusting”, one politician responded with an idea to barricade the place.

Andrea Coia, president of the business committee of Rome’s city council and a member of Italy’s self-billed anti-establishment Five Star Movement. He put up the proposal to the city council. He suggests a “protective barrier” that would “prohibit people sitting on the edge of the fountain.”

His motion reads,

Rome is one of the richest cities for culture in the world, and a heritage like this must be respected and protected.

We need to favor a more respectful kind of tourism in the city’s symbolic places.

Coia’s motion says that the police are already instructed to ban tourists from sitting on the symbolic monuments. He also suggested putting police checkpoints in the areas leading to the fountain.

His proposals already submitted to Roman authorities.


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