Tragic Effects of Global Warming to this Polar Bear

Tragic Effects of Global Warming to this Polar Bear

In the past two decades, a lot of people including environmentalists, experts, and scientists are all explaining to us that Global Warming is real. It has already made tragic effects on the animals.

global warming

However, there are still people that do not believe in climate change. Sadly, the president of the United States is one of those people.

Despite the evidence available to prove that it’s happening and we’re actually the suspect for causing it.

The temperature of the planet is rapidly rising which is the main cause for the shrinking of the ice sheets and force the animals to lose their natural habitats.

tragic effects of global warming to this polar bear

National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen saw personally the devastating and tragic effects of global warming especially on the creatures of this planet.

During his expedition in Baffin islands, he saw a starving polar bear, and it broke his heart.

If you are not aware, the seals are the main source of food for polar bears. But as the ice is melting, it would be more difficult for the seals to come by.

This withered bear will likely die of starvation if he can’t find food.

Polar bears are usually wandering around to human settlements to look for food. However, feeding them is illegal, that’s why the locals can’t do something about it.

Humans can be the most intelligent creatures in the world, but we can also be the most destructive. Share this tragic story to all the people on your friend’s list so that we can help raise awareness about this matter.


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