Toys Unboxing Videos: Is it Safe to Watch by the Kids?

Toys Unboxing Videos: Is it Safe to Watch by the Kids?

Toys are very essential to kids especially the joy and the happiness in their faces when they lift the seal, unwrapped the box, and putting out the pieces.

But what’s the story behind this trendy Toy unboxing videos on YouTube? Is it suitable for young audiences?

kids playing toys
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Unboxing videos became popular since the 2010s, most of them are related to gadgets, instruments, and toys.

Adults are the most content creators who unboxed things on the internet.

Popular once are hobbies such as Mech Gaikotsu and ZakuAurelius whose famous for their hobby/kit reviews on YouTube.

Well me I personally liked these two content creators, come it check their channels.

But since became YouTube is known and became a family-friendly platform especially, most kids joined creating content as well.

Especially, the platform set and age gate and already made another feature called YouTube kids.

But what are actually the influences of it for our young fellows watching?

One of the popular YouTuber Ryan’s World whose video contents are mainly unboxing toys or kids’ toys.

So Ryan Kaji is an 8-year-old boy who is featured on the unboxing videos on his own channel.

And by the age of 4, the young boy had it’s own YouTube channel started in 2015 and with total views of 33.6 billion on his combined videos.

An early clip shows he has opened up a giant egg with more than 100 items inside.

It has viewed more than a billion times, Ryan was the highest-paid YouTube star of last year.

The kid earned more than £17m, on it as well as from partnership.

Cambridge University associate for research Dave Neale stated that:

“Playing is a vital part of early development, it teaches us language skills and emotional regulation, how to share, and the interaction is a bonding experience, so anything that encourages play is essentially a good thing,”


“When children play with toys they are problem-solving and being creative, figuring out how the toy works, or what other things they can do with the toy and that becomes a reward. Watching these videos just gives them the last bit without the other parts. It is a more shallow engagement.”

The more the kids are exposed from the media, the more it will likely to be dangerous as far.

So parents, always guide and watch out for your kids.

Especially nowadays are tech age but still, encourage them to play outside, play toys like our generation back then.


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