Toyota Recalling Cars with Defected Airbags Due to Takata’s Fitting Issues

Toyota Recalling Cars with Defected Airbags Due to Takata’s Fitting Issues

Toyota, one of the leading vehicle brands in the world are recalling millions of cars due to Takata’s issue of fitting airbags. How did this happen?

toyota airbag issue
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Well, heads up folks because this is a serious matter and if you are a Toyota owner, you might considering to go to your local Toyota service centers to check your airbags.

Because just recently, the company recalls over 3 million vehicles worldwide.

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Why? Due to its airbag’s issues.

So how would I know if my car might be a part of it?

Well mostly, they recalled 2011 to 2019 model or the next-gen models that Toyota has been produced.

Models such as Sedans, Hatchbacks Avalon Sedans, and Hybrid Sedans.

But what really is the problem?

So the problem is, the airbag has a control unit which allows it to sensor the activity from the vehicle.

However, it may fail to receive correct signals from the crash sensor which might cause failure to the deployment of the airbag.

According to Toyota’s Spokesperson that they haven’t confirmed yet if there any crashes or casualties happened due to this issue.

However, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were reports of “substantial frontal crash events,” including one fatality.

Involving Toyota Corolla sedans that may be related to the recall condition.

And in addition

Toyota is not the only company that is facing this issue, car manufacturers such as Honda, BMW and Subaru are also involved.

There were also reports of fatalities and injuries from the companies over the past years as well.

But guys, always remember to fasten your seat belts, always.

Takata Corporation is a Japan-based company that provides car parts such as airbags to over 100 vehicle manufacturers.

However, Takata is involved because it produced airbags to over 100 vehicle manufacturers.

And to top it up, there were reports of the company recalling cars due to the same issue since 1995.

So recently, they recalled over 10 million units.

So for your safety measures, don’t forget to visit the nearest service center of your manufacturer.


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